Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Organic God Part Two

This past Sunday we focused on the idea of stripping away our misconceptions about God and what our relationship with Him might be. He is a mystery that we will never fully understand while we are here on earth but working toward knowing Him better is a goal we all share.

This week you have two spiritual challenges.
1) Take a moment and prayerfully reflect on your relationship with your earthly father. Are there any ideas about your dad or experiences form childhood that you unintentionally project on God. Spend some time in preayer and ask God to reveal any of these to you. Then, spend some time in the scripture asking God to replace any false beliefs with a haelthy, Biblically-based understanding of your Heavenly Father.
2) Ask at least three people, " What do you love about Jesus?" and see where the conversation goes.

I would love to have a conversation in the comments with your own answers to question number two.

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