Thursday, October 30, 2008

Organic God Week 4

From Holly.

Week one was on getting to know God: pure, essential and natural. Week 2-challenged our preconceived ideas about God and how we view him, Week 3-encouraged to think about who we go to for wisdom. Often it's the internet, books and people-not the Word of God. This week we looked at a continuum of God's Love. Because he loves us so much he allows us to go through pain. We then desire to live a life of gratitude because of his faithfulness, which brings us back to Love-for God and for others.

If you missed class we would encourage you to watch the Rob Bell video titled "Rain." You can watch it online or check it out from the church office.

Our challenge this week is to reflect on our lives and name out loud the ways that we saw or felt God during our times of pain and suffering.

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