Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organic God

Today we started a 6 week study called The Organic God. There is a blog that I'll get over on the links at a different time but here is a quick link. This study focuses on having a natural, pure and essential relationship with God. I think it will be really good for us to do this and so to keep everyone part of things over the next six weeks, I'll try to post some of the questions that we discuss in class and the weekly challenge (that will also be emailed).

-Have you ever thought of "organic" in relation to God? What prallels do you see between the word "organic"and "God"?

-Why Should our relationship with God be Natural, Pure and Essential?

Read Psalm 105:4

-How often do you seek God? What does your personal time with God look like?

-Is there anything about seeking God that makes you uncomfortable?


Challenge yourself this week by reading Psalms 24:4,5 then write a personal prayer to God inviting Him to reveal Himself in new ways to you and draw you closer to Himself.

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