Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monthly Challenge

Our blog has been kind of slow lately. Probably because we all have too much going on instead of not enough. We've done a lot of talking about where we want to go with this blog and there have been several great ideas. To get the ball rolling, I thought that maybe each month we could post a spiritual challenge here and try to keep each other accountable on some level. One thing I realized after class this past week is that there are several of us that are in a slump. I think that we are all glad to be Christians and are so thankful of the sacrifices made for us. But I also think that it's hard sometimes to really get excited to the point that we all know we are excited. That's how we know we are in a slump. So, this challenge comes from another class I am in on Monday evenings. I want to encourage everyone this month to spend at least a minute or more face down on the ground to pray. I know that it is uncomfortable but that's the point. There is no other prayer position more humbling. Just try it and see where God takes you. Somedays you may feel transformed and other days the only thing you may get is a reminder to vaccuum. Either way you will be blessed. Obviously if you are pregnant or it's too painful then explore some different options. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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sirEller said...

My challenge: I'm doing the EverFit 2 week boot camp. Theres the challenge, to the "MEN" out there to join me.